Reply from Judge re. "hopeless"


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I received a reply from the Judge that I told you about in "Hopeless in NY". So, in fairness, I'll paraphrase his reply. I may not agree with him, but I give him high marks for getting back to me with his reasoning behind not issuing full carry, unrestricted permits: He feels that the system is, indeed, unfair and a source of frustration for citizens in counties where judges restrict the full permit. He interperates Penal Law 400.00 to require proof of "special need" to justify the fully conceled carry permit. He stated that he wished it were otherwise, that he would support NY State crearing the wording of the law, but he feels that his colleagues that issues unrestricted permits with out proof of that are ,in fact, violating the law. I dont agree, but, at least he wrote back and put his reasons on the table! He stated he will study any future court decisions and will carry out any changes in the current laws that NewYork might enact.

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