Rep. Allegedly Stabbed Husband In Nevada


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I wonder if it is o.k. to own one of the deadly steak knives in Las Vegas. Sounds to me like this woman needs to take an anger management class.

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Rep. Allegedly Stabbed Husband In Nevada
Husband Refutes Police Statement, Says Stabbing Was Accidental

POSTED: 1:43 am CDT May 21, 2008
UPDATED: 5:41 am CDT May 21, 2008

LAS VEGAS -- A Nevada state assemblywoman has been charged with battery with the use of a deadly weapon after police said she stabbed her husband.

Police said Assemblywoman Francis Allen stabbed her husband, Paul Maineri, after he embarrassed her in front of their friends.

It happened on Saturday, and according to the police report, Allen stabbed her husband of seven weeks in his forearm and then refused to help him seek medical attention.

In the police report, Maineri stated that his wife was upset and that while she was sitting on the couch, he said she began to push his forehead and scratched it with her wedding ring.

The argument moved to the kitchen, where, he said in the police report, Allen took out a steak knife and stabbed him once in the left forearm.

Afterwards, she locked herself in the bedroom. Maineri said when he broke in and asked her to get some help, she told him to call his mother and left the house.

He said he drove himself to the hospital with the knife in a plastic bag.

Since the alleged incident, Maineri told police he did not want to get Allen into trouble and that the stabbing was an accident.

Allen was elected in 2004 and is currently up for re-election.

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Seems this thread has the same title as another thread in the general discussion area where it has the story of the Duncanville woman.

Wonder what her reelection chances are now?
they should make a law against steak knives

Those dang things are dangerous. They can just go off you know! We should have to be licensed to keep those around the old homestead. Maybe keep a handle lock on them.:O_O:
Sounds like Mrs. Allen needs to learn how to use the weapon of choice these days...

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I am sure this story must be fiction. No elected politician could ever do something like this. Even if the outlaw steak knives, I am sure politicians would be allowed to have them.
They will be exempt from the steakknife roundup

When they come to get the steakknives...the politicians will be allowed to keep theirs because they will be the only ones who can afford steak!:d:

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