Renewing CCW after move


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I am a current CCW holder from Shelby county. We have recently moved to Jefferson county. My question is, when it comes time to renew my permit in 2012, will I have to go through the application process all over now that I am a Jefferson county resident? Shelby county allows you to renew through the mail, so I am hoping I don't have to go through another application process. Thanks for any info!

Best information that I can bestow upon you.Is to call the new County where you reside in now, well in advance, that way you can get all the correct Information. I dont believe that it will be an issue..but stranger things have happened.Good Luck
adress change

At this point I believe you need to notify them of your address change. In SC if your address changes during the duration of your permit you have to fill out the renewal form and mail it in. It's the same form as the original application. If you haven't changed your address in SC you may renew on line.

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