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I just finished the mandatory renewal class that is required every two years to keep your license valid. I really do not see what purpose this serves except to be reminded than some shooters need a lot more practice than other. If you can not get a 100% shooting from 7 yards and 3 yards, you really need to spend some more time at the range. I was surprised to see that some people really have a difficult time just getting thier firearm to function. I would be frightened to carry a weapon that is not going to function each and every time. Have any of you fellow shooters seen the same sort of problems in you renewal classes?:huh:

I agree the two-year qualifications seem a bit excessive. I have only had my CCW for about a year, but I practice at the range at least once every two weeks. When I qualified for CCW I was surprised at how many "old shooters" couldn't shoot straight enough to hit a broadside barn. I was very new to shooting, but at that distance it seems like nothing. I believe qualification runs about $75 around here, and then if I remember we have to repurchase license every 6 years(?) I'll keep practicing, keep my weapons clean and functioning, and hope that everybody else does the same.
I know what you mean....I had to re-qualify in July of 06, as my first license was only good for two years. When we were at the range I had a chance to stand back and watch. At first I thought it was kind of funny, then got to thinking about it, and decided it was kind of scary.There was one shooter that only hit paper about half the time at seven yards. All I could think about was rounds going past a perp, going down the street,across a parking lot and into a house or car. We try to shoot at least once a week. My shooting buddy's and I have turned it into a little competition, whoever shoots the worst group has to buy lunch on that day. After a couple of times picking up the tab at the steak house, you tend to start pulling your groups together.


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