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I've got the truck all packed up and I'll be leaving for New Orleans in a few hours. I just finished packing and wanted to just let everyone know that I'll be traveling until Tuesday night when I finally get to Tampa.

I should be able to get online tomorrow night to check things as well as once I get to New Orleans. If there are any spam posts, please just let me know and I'll take care of them as soon as possible.

Take care!

Have a great trip. Be careful. Enjoy spending time with your daughter. Hope your new job goes great.
Don't believe all the crap you hear about New Orleans. I've been working here for the past month, and haven't seen or heard all of the bad news that's been reported. The city is pretty clean, and teh food rocks. The ACME Oyster House is a must-visit.
Have a safe trip

Have a safe trip! Enjoy yourself in Tampa! It been kinda cloudy here but the rest of the week looks good. Low 80's
Godspeed Luke. Enjoy the trip.

Pick up some Anastasia's chocolate covered coconut squares when you get in FLA !!!. The ones w/ the limejuice rock ! It's one of the reasons I like visiting gramma down in Lauderdale/Hollywood.

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