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Looking for opinions on the Remington 870 for beginner trap. Dick’s is having a sale on the 28” pump. I am looking to get into the sport at an affordable price, and considering this model. I have read many reviews, but looking for more input.

The 870 is the only shotgun I own, and it has killed MANY birds.....both the feathered variety and the clay variety. It's often referred to as a shotgun you can paddle the boat with on the way to your duck hole.

It's inexpensive, highly reliable, and nearly indestructable. For a beginner shooting clays, it would be a good start. You may want to consider an auto-loader or over/under for competition shoots, though. The pump action can be a distraction if you're aiming for quick target acquisition as in competition shoots.

But for a beginner gun, you can't go wrong. I believe a modified choke is standard issue with the 870, but it's got a threaded muzzle in case you decide to change. Don't bother with the 3 1/2" super magnum, though. I hear it's not nearly as reliable, and unless you're hunting Canadian geese, you shouldn't have any use for it anyway.
870's are fine shotguns. I have had mine for years with absolutely no problem, same with my brother's and my room-mate's. Built tough as nails for a good price, and plenty of add-ons available to buy.

I was trying to convince my buddy to buy an 870, but he went with the Mossberg 500 instead. It seems to have one problem or another everytime we go trap shooting, so ironically, he has to borrow my 870. :sarcastic:

It's all about the dual action arms, never fails you. Most other brands only have one action arm, so after repeated pumps, it bends, twists and distorts, which leads to misfeeding and jams all over the place.
Thanks for the informative and excellent advice. I am mostly a pistol target shooter and concealed carry. My club is offering introductory trap course, and I know I will enjoy it. I will be using a loner shotgun, and not sure of the type I will end up using. It is always good to here from someone who uses them. Dick’s sporting goods in my area has them for $319.00 with $50.00 mail in rebate. Seems like the price is right, and a nice firearm to pass down to the son! Thanks all
Only shotgun I've ever owned and my Dad before me. All of 'em have a ton of miles on 'em and function perfectly. Can't go wrong.
Well, shot the trap for the first time, and I have to say I'm hooked!!! All it took was to break one and it had me. I had to use a loner, but still once you get the hang of it the fun never stops. Still think I am going with the 870. I was using a loaner O/U. Good for doubbles if you shoot'em. I think starting out, the pump will work, and I don't think I can hit two in a row anyway!
Thanks again to everyone who added the advise.
Cant go wrong with an 870 for anything. Ive only shot trap a couple of times and only used an 870. I loved the looks I got from the serious trap guys with their crazy awesome over and unders when I pulled out a digitized-camo 870 with an 8 round magazine tube and put it next to theirs on the rack.
I recently completed my Remington Trifecta. I now have an 1100, 870 and 700. All three were obtained used. The 870 (16ga) was a gift from the Window of a friend, the 1100 (12ga) I bought from a girl that her boyfriend left behind when she ran him off and the 700 (30-06) from a pawn shop. :biggrin:

Those three are probably the most popular models ever in each of their classes and for good reason. You may be able to find better or cheaper but they are hard to beat for cost vs. performance. The 870 is probably the best all-purpose shotgun made but if you are into serious trap shooting you may want to consider an auto or O/U. At that price you can't beat it.
I figure why spend say $600 on a medium level O/U when you can spend $220 after all rebates (Dicks Sporting Goods). Spend it on the ammo! I was breaking clays with a loaner, so if I can hit'em with that should be no problem with the 870! Going to pattern it today!!!
Pattern it? What's that mean?

Seriously, I know what it means. But unless you're getting into hardcore, competition trap, don't bother. The only people I know that "pattern" a shotgun are turkey hunters.

Stick with a modified choke and some good target loads, and you'll be fine. An 870 is an "out-of-the-box" shooter. It requires no prep work.

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