Remington 870 Express


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Left a deposit on this shotgun about 5 months ago. Finally got around to getting it today. Looks like it is a 2008 model but it is new.
Folding stock and 2 shot extension. I paid $410 not including tax. Now it's time to "accessorize"! I am open to all suggestions and looking forward to hearing comments on this piece.
Looks like this...if I can figure out how to post the pic here. :wacko:
Keeps saying upload failed. Help

I took one of my old 870's and put a military 18" shrouded barrel with bayonet lug and a Knoxx recoil reducing stock on it. I love shooting it because of the reduced recoil. All I need to do now is tear it down and Parkerize all the parts. You can find all kinds of things to accessorize you 870. A Google search will turn up all kinds of goodies...
THanks Redhat. Now if you can tell my why I couldn't download the pic off my desktop. I did resize it.
THanks Pascal. Will check it out but no time for that today. I downloaded a pic from PC for my profile easy enough. Would be nice if it was much simpler. Will get back to you fo assistance if I need it. Thanks.
Be nice if you could just drag the pic into this box.
Anyone else out there with experience, suggestions, comments or how THEY dressd up their 870?
Chotes folding stock with pistol grip. Wingmaster barrel. (correct legal length)
A small trigger mounted laser works well for rough aiming.
Remember, you only point a shotgun. Got one under my bed, I've had it sense I was 14 years old.
Have had 38 years of fun with it.

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