reloading sw 40 for practice

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i need reload data for 165 gr copper platted ball & accura #9 powder. can only find data on 165 jacketed round with same powder. is there a posibility of cross matching data if i stay on low side of data ?

I'm considering reloading... I don't know anything yet, but let me ask, does the same weight bullet matter if plated versus jacketed?
You should be able to get the necessary data from the bullet manufacturer. In fact, they probably sell a book.
I also carry a .40 and reload for same. I am lucky in the fact that I have my own range at my house and can custom make my loads to match factory loads. I shoot 180 grain Speer Gold Dots that I have run over a chronograph. I have been able to get the reloads that I make to hit the same speed and with the same bullet style head. The recoil stays the same and the trajectory is also the same it is just a hell of a lot cheaper to make my own and still carry factory loads for everyday use.
Thanks, Armed Traveler. I've obtained Hornady's reloading manual and another as well, and am learning quite a bit from them as well as from the guys here. ...Did I call it a "manual"? Silly me, shoulda called it "uh, like, a book". :to_pick_ones_nose:

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