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Online Reloading Data

Some of my favorite online data sites.
Powder Companies data sites

Accurate Powder
Link Removed

IMR Powder
Link Removed

Alliant Powder

Hodgdon Powder
Link Removed

Independent Reloading Data A great site but requires a paid subscription to see the data

Link Removed

Link Removed Lots of good info and some software. Warning, some of his loads seem to be excessive. Compare to other data and back off the load if you feel its needed. Data and other great info


Powder and Primers

If you have a few reloaders that want to go together and order Powder and/or Primers this site will pay all or part of the $20 Haz Mat fee depending on the amount ordered.


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I usually just watch for Midways email and see what's on sale. I keep a wish list and try to order the items when on sale.

Powder I get at Gun shows or local vendors since there is a fed charge on transportation.
Hey Dr. David and Red Hat, would you mind if I merged your two threads on reloading supplies into one thread for posting reloading links? I'll also add these links to a Reloading section of our Links.
Luke, You do whatever you think is best. I appreciate your kindness of asking first :D
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I sure wish they would hold it here in the Fort Worth, Dallas area some time. Or in Colorado so I would have another excuse to go there for vacation.

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