Reloading Supplies - Las Vegas, Nevada


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Anybody know of any good places local to Las Vegas/Henderson Areas, of Nevada that have good deals on reloading supplies?

I found a good place for brass:

but I am still looking for a good place for powder, primers and bullets/projectiles...

After I start adding up bullets, powder, primers and brass, per 1000 for instance I am finding most of these place over the web are charging more for reloading supplies then what I can buy ready to shoot ammo for from Walmart and elsewhere...

plus the hazmat fee and shipping for powder and primers makes it just about cost prohibitive to attempt to buy these items over the web most of the time...

thanks in advance.


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I recently ordered some bullets, powder, and primers from www.powdervalleyinc.come. There prices and customer service were very good. I normally try to buy up as much at one time as possible. I also have a few friends that reload so we'll all go in together and split haz mat/shipping. Both help keep the price down.

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