Refreshing News from W. Virginia


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Ceck this out! Nice to see some clear thinking in schools for a change...

Refreshing News from W. Virginia

But the author is not too happy about this proposal!

No. I'm sorry, I have nothing against guns, or hunting. If parents want to take the time to teach their kids the right way to point a gun, fine. That's their right. But there's just some children who should never be taught how to fire a weapon, because we have all seen the horrors that ensue when they go a little off kilter and decide the whole world is against them. And instead of hunting deer, they start hunting people. Batmanchester

What an idiot!
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Wow, the author is not just a little against this idea. Teaching kids how to handle/shoot/clean guns doesn't mean they will all have access to guns outside of the school curriculum. Few high schoolers are old enough to purchase their own gun (legally anyway), so parents are still the ones to decide whether Junior should have a gun of his own or not and under which circumstances he will be allowed to use it.
The author failed to supply the statistics for youth injured/killed by guns because they had no knowledge of proper firearm handling and safety.
the author makes my blood boil. i'm from wv and i think it's great. we had shooting when i was in jr &sr high school. it was along time ago but i can still remember it. there never were any shootings ,accidental or intentional in or on school grounds. i'm getting even more mad just thinking of what to say.
I think the author kind of misses the whole point. If parents take the time to teach their children to shoot, that means they are spending time together. They are learning family values by doing this. I seriously doubt many of our shootings occur from someone who grew up with good family values.
I support the class

and would send my kids if it was offered. But, it would have to be an option, not a requirement.

People like the author will never get it until they are on the sharp end of the stick. Then they may convert....if they survive the event.
Yeah,he's an oaf.A moron.I agree,teaching your kids the do's and don't's and in's and out's of proper firearm handling is spending time with them,and I also agree that,as far as the information I have seen,the ones that come apart and start shooting people are not the ones that mom and dad sayt down with and taught gun safety and took to the range from time to time.
My sun knoiws how to use a gun.Has one of his own.Has it loaded.If the SHTF when I'm at work,he's the one to protect himself and his mom.And he will put a shotgun slug in an intruder's chest if the situation nessessitates it.He NEVER touches it without me telling him to.It's called being a parent.You others with kids know what I mean.
It amazes me that in many of the public schools children can be taught sex education with out their parents consent or evolution as fact with out giving creation equal time but offer shooting or gun safety and the liberals howl like a stuck pig. That is just part of many reasons I am in favor of home school.
I agree the author is not agreeing with what the Gov wants to do, class would be good for some and not for others, I don't know what hunting fees are in the state, maybe lowering them or youth hunts might be a good solution. more parants need to take your children out in the woods for some great entertament. like small game hunting or deer hunting fishing all that fun stuff that we do. and of course the range. as we all know you have to keep your guns locked and out of the reach of kids. right after I took my ccw class I went out and bought a safe to keep my guns in, always had them trigger locked or gun box locked but thats not as good as safe. out of the reach is the most important thing to prevent the wrong kids for having them.


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