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I saw Quite post this in another thread:

The first handgun I ever bought, is my 2nd gen Glock Model 22 that I bought used in the late-90s. (see my avatar for a pic of it)
I still have it, but I'm thinking of finally parting with it.
Since, I decided to get rid of all my .40S&W handguns and its the last of my .40S&W handguns.
I might send it into Glock to have it refinished and reframed before selling it. But, I don't really know.
Guess I'm dragging my feet since it's the first handgun I ever bought.

What exactly do they do when you end it in to get reframed? Do they upgarde it to a gen 3 frame? What does this cost?

Contact Glock for more details. 1-770- 432-1202

Reframe = replace your old frame with the newer 3rd generation frame. Serial number on the frame will be different than your old one. So, depending on what state you live in, it may have to go through a FFL dealer when they send it back to you. I've been told you can also request an OD frame at no additional cost. Costs around $150.

The also offer to refinish your slide for around $50.

Install Glock Night Sights for around $70.

Also, if you send back your pistol to get it serviced they'll replace any worn out parts for free.
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Yea when I bought my G23 (2nd Gen), I sent it back to them and they replaced all the parts for free. I just had to pay for shipping to get it to them. I didn't know about the reframing. I definitely plan on doing that now!
About 2 years ago my glock 17 began jamming. I sent it to Glock to have the chiped extractor replaced (my own fault for shooting cheep reloades for 13 years with it). When I got the gun back I had a new firing pin, all springs replaced, new front and rear sites (they were trashed from banging into stuff for 13 years), and of course the new extractor. They charged me nothing. I just invested in a new off duty weapon & because of my good experence with Glock I stuck with them & got the 26.
I picked up a used g19 for plinking and did not like the way it felt when going in to battery. Sent to Glock and they said it had a broken fram. Replaced at no charge but as stated before new ffl# .
I have heard that the true measure of quality is how a company or artisan deals with problems. From the foregoing posts, Glock comes out looking good. No , I don't own one- I have a Steyr.

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