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I am older, and use bi-focal glasses. I have found that in order to see the front sight on my pistol clearly, I need to lift up my head, so that I am looking through the bottom portion of my glasses. Does anyone think that a red dot sight would help in this situation? How about a laser?

I haven't tried either yet. I was hoping someone would be able to give me a little guidance. My carry gun is a Ruger LC9.
Late reply, but new to forum. I only recently got glasses (at 53). I had LASIK in my late 30's the corrected me to 20/20, but age eventually caught up with me & the target was blurrier than it should be (even with a front sight focus). Although my Dr kept insisting I could still get by without glasses & didn't need them to drive I went ahead and got a pair, thinking it might help my shooting. Well the target is definitely clearer now with glasses, but I can no longer bring the front sight into focus. So I switched to a red-dot & it's great; both the dot and the target are in clear focus, and my shooting has improved significantly too.
My EDC is a Kahr CM9. sweer carry, but my 76 yo eyes have me doing point'n'shoot since it is really tough to focus on the sights now. I want to bring the hits closer to home. Any advice on red dot or laser sights ? Thanx in advance.....
Green dot YES. Laser especially red is almost worthless, especially during the daytime. I only have a laser on my Kel-Tec P32 because I was working at Cabela's and got it cheap. My new carry is a Canik MC9 and I found the white dot front sight works well for my blind behind. If I wear glasses I can see the sights but not the target. Without glasses, I can see the target but not the sights. So the green dot sight is the best. My Canik won't fit my holster with a green dot.

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