I have a reciprocity agreement question. The way I understand it any state that has an agreement to honor your states concealed carry permit allows you to legally carry concealed as long as you comply with any of the local state laws.

I live in New Hampshire and have a permit. I am an immigrant alien on a green card and all this is quite legal. Oklahoma honors my New Hampshire permit but they only issue resident permits to US Citizens.

My question is am I legal to carry when I visit family in Oklahoma as I have my New Hampshire permit? There are no laws that I can find that prohibit me except the one that applies to applying for a resident permit.



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All this is prefaced with the standard "I am not a lawyer."

Every reciprocity verbiage I've ever seen us as you said. As long as you are legal in the issuing state you are legal anywhere that honors that permit. You should be able to ask your state's issuing agency and the issuing agency of the other state to get a clear answer.
I know that some reciprocity laws are specific that only residents who hold the permit in question count. For example my Utah permit isn't valid in a few states (Colorado, Florida) because I don't reside in Utah. (And those states don't recognize my resident Oregon, either.)


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I am in the same boat, legal res alien with GC, have a UT non res permit and live in NC. I can't get a NC permit because NC requires citizenship but my UT non res is valid here.
Great news, spoke with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and they have confirmed that I am completely legal to carry in Oklahoma. I now just have to sort out driving to the airport in Massachusetts and I can relax. Thanks for all the posts and advice.

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