Recipe for .38 XTP 140 gr Accurate #7 WSP primers


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I have looked in the online Accurate Reloading Guide and the Hornady 9th Eddition for a recipe for:

Caliber: .38
Bullet: 140 gr XTP
Powder: Accurate #7
Primer: WSP

I know there are other powders, such as Accurate #5, that can be used. I have been looking for Accurate #5 for six months and cannot find any. I have #7 and would like to use it if I can until I can find some #5.

Anyone have a recipe?


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Maybe this will help...?

Accurate 7 for .38 special - The Firing Line Forums

I have not used that combination, the only thing I've been able to load my .38Spls with is IMR 800X. It actually works surprisingly well, I've been doing 5.3gr under the Hornady 140gr COWBOY bullet. It patterns well and doesn't lead my revolvers any. I'm almost out of Hornady bullets and will start using my Rim Rock 148gr SWCs with the same powder charge. These are training rounds, not sure if you'd want any of that data for target/competition or hunting though.

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