Recently bought two new 380's


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I must have an affliction I bought two more pocket 380's, who knows why. A Ruger LC-380 and a Taurus Spectrum. I fired each one just 21 rounds 14 of PMC FMJ and 7 of Underwood 90 Grain XTP's +P, both are better than average on recoil, the Ruger is pretty easy to rack and it has an external safety for those that prefer one. The Taurus does not rack as easy, but is not really difficult. The Ruger has three dot sights, the Taurus is Black on Black which are harder to see, they work better than a lot of others in that they are distinct. I need to shoot more to recommend either but both seem promising.


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Shot another 21 rounds in the Spectrum, Okay there. 42 more rounds thru the LC-380, it's a keeper. Well I keep them all anyway but … you should know I like the LC-380 even with all it's safety features and I'm not a safety feature fan. Bigger but still flat pocket carry. Real sights, the dots are small, but they do work.

The 911 I shot 72 rounds, all went bang and ejected fine. Fit and finish are better than any other 380 I own, my Colt Mustang magazine worked, the Springfield mags worked in my Mustang too. So in Summary the 911 is the finest single shot 380 I own, too bad that I wanted a semi-auto. The slide locked back each and every time, you had to use the slide release to load another round. I used new LAX, Winchester, PMC, and Underwood ammo. I will try to get this gun sorted or returned later this week.


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I went thru a 380 phase. I’ve owned about 10 of them and have paired them down to just 3. The Glock 42 and two lcp’s. I liked a lot of them but these two seemed to hit most of the highlights I was looking for. My question is, which ones would you put in your rotation and which were your least favorite.

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Well I have shot those two a good bit more and call them both worthy. I also bought a Springfield 911 and there was a spring missing that made it a single shot, Got it all working, love that gun. It is very similar to my Colt Mustang XSP. or a Sig 238. I used my Mustang magazines in the 911, they functioned fine.

The 911 will fill a niche, Ankle carry using a Crossbreed Ankle Holster.

My main go to is a LCP II and next would be my LCP Custom, and deep concealment is the Kahr CW-380. I like the G-42 but it is my biggest pocket 380. bigger to me than the LC-380.

I like 40 better for pocket carry and can conceal a Taurus PT-140 40 S&W and I will pick up a new Springfield XDS 40 Mod 2, tomorrow I have a XDS 40 Mod 0 too.

I think the worst pocket 380 that I own is the very ugly S&W Sigma 380. It has poor sights I would say on one hand, yet on the other hand it is reasonably accurate. Big block slide and short griped polymer frame. This was not S&W's best foot forward. Stone reliable though. I have owned it since new in '87 or '88 and I'll keep it

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