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Staff member Rules

In order to keep the forums growing and to prevent conflicts we have created some rules for the site. These rules were created to help limit the flaming and common disagreements that can occur on public forums. They are also a way to ensure that we do not offend other users.

General Rules:

1. Attacks - As with any large groups of people there will be disagreements. This is understandable, but we will not tolerate flaming other members. We are all adults and in such should be able to keep our emotions in check. There will not be any personal/insulting attacks or inflammatory posts. You can disagree, but do it politely.

2. Language - No dirty language. We are trying to create a place where you don’t have to worry if your child is sitting next to you while reading. Please keep your language clean. The friendly workarounds on using crude language will not be tolerated also. We are not talking about damn, hell, and other small ones, we are talking about the major ones and you know what they are.

3. Opposite Sex - We are starting to pick up more female users. These females offer an insight that we “males” cannot offer, so make sure to keep derogatory comments about the opposite sex in check. If you are not willing to say it face to face, don’t think it is ok from behind the keyboard.

4. Post Count - You want to up your membership status, please help us out by saying hello to new members. No multiple or repeat postings to get your post count up.

5. Advertising – There are many users that want to advertise their products or products of others. If you are not a contributing member to the forum these advertisements will not be tolerated. For those who are promoting products please ensure they are related to the 2nd Amendment.

6. Accounts – You are only allowed one account. If your account is suspended or deleted you are not allowed to create another account. If multiple accounts are discovered they will be deleted!

7. Content – This site is for the carrying of firearms for personal protection and the protection of the 2nd Amendment. There are many issues out there that can get out of hand real quick. Keep this in mind when opening a thread that does not contain pertinent info to the site’s purpose. We will keep a close eye on threads that run the risk of getting out of hand quickly and will close it down if it starts going bad. Do not create a thread or post about anything illegal such as carrying concealed illegally. Your thread/post will be deleted and you will be warned.

8. Photos - Members are allowed and encouraged to post on topic pictures. Please keep your picture appropriate and clean. Photos that are considered inappropriate will be removed and you will be notified of such. If this problem continues you will risk having your account suspended or deleted. This includes your avatar.

These are some of the basic rules to govern the forums. We cannot think of everything so we reserve the right to create new rules or contact you on a case by case base. Remember keep it civil and be nice. If things are getting out of hand we will have to jump in and give warnings, close threads, or suspend/delete accounts.

Thank you,
Luke McCoy
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