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It was exhausting to research the "Best" concealed carry pistol. So I went to a large gun shop and handled virtually every compact 9mm out there. I had made the decision to go with a 9mm. Walking out more confused than when I walked in. Then stopped in to my local gun shop; Pavlic Firearms in Bear, DE, (a small shop as part of a hardware store on Red Lion Rd.) Al hands me a SCCY CPX-2, 2 Tone, NO Manual Safety and it was a no brainer. Bought the gun and took it to the range that weekend. At $299. this gun is a home run. Shot every kind of ammo (150+ rounds) I fed it, not 1 jam, accurate as you could want (I am a good shot) and felt great to shoot with not as much recoil as one might expect. Workmanship as good as anything out there and you are getting it at half the price. It's my understanding that the Owner of SCCY once worked for Glock and told them to make this kind of pistol. They ignored his idea, so he went and started the co. My dealer is selling 3 to 4 of these a week, with everyone coming back a raving about it, like I am. There are all sorts of holsters and even a laser if you want it.

Don't sell your self short if you are looking for a very nice, quality gun at a great price. Link Removed


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Just a slight correction, the owner of SCCY formerly worked for Kel Tec, not Glock. I do however think it is a very good gun, and a huge value.

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Had one a couple of years ago...
Trigger way impossibly hard to pull and I was never able to learn where the break point was. Meaning, as I applied the 400 pounds of pull required to fire the gun, there was no perception as to when I could expect the gun to fire.
As such, I started to develop a flinch. Not good!
Anyway, out at the range my front sight popped off.
I found it and repaired the gun...
Sold it the next day (for a HUGE loss I might add!) and put the proceeds on a Glock 17.
I know.... I know... Let me guess...
They are "much better now", "all the kinks have been worked out" "one bad apple...."
Nope. SCCY had an opportunity to impress me.... They failed!

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I once owned the CPX-1. It shot well and I didn't have any feeding problems either but the manual safety was an issue. I sent mine back to the factory for the fix but could not tell any difference once it was returned. The new black CPX-2 looks good IMO but I doubt I would buy another one.


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I've got a SCCY CPX2. Accuracy is not good compared to my other sub-compact 9mm (Kahr CM9), or my pocket .380 (Taurus TCP), or my small revolver (S&W J frame). The first range trip the bullets were going through the paper sideways (key-holing) at 25 yards. The people at SCCY were quite nice on the phone and e-mailed a shipping label for my old barrel. They sent me a replacement. Accuracy initially was also less than expected. I could not keep ten shots on a 24" by 24" target at 25 years. I can keep 10 for 10 on a standard NRA repair center (10.5" by 10.5") at the same distance with the Kahr. But no key-holing, and the gun is a joy to shoot. It is much easier to work than the Kahr, the brass is easier to find, it is only slightly larger than the Kahr, and most importantly it is very reliable. The edge of the trigger needs some rounding - after 150 rounds my finger gets a bit sore. I like the gun. The inside of the barrel is quite rough, especially just ahead of the chamber, and may benefit from some polishing. For the price it is good, and I think it's a keeper.

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