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Does anyone run a Raven holster? If so what are your thoughts?


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From what i have seen and heard it is suppose to be one of the best kydex holsters out there. I have a M&P40c that they say is a quick ship item. I just want to make sre it is everything they say it is before i spend the 100 dollars


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I bought a Raven Phantom a couple months back for my G26. It's an excellent holster. Hugs very tight to the body, excellent retention, yet easy draw. I wear it every day and like it very much. Maybe not as comfortable as some leather holsters, but I do not find it bad at all. I am 5'9" and weigh 165.

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I have a Raven Phantom for my 1911 with a rail-mounted laser/light combo. The holster functions perfectly...good retention, smooth draws and easy re-holstering. My only issues are with the kydex itself. Compared to a leather holster, kydex causes a noisier draw and is more abrasive on a gun's finish. If either of these issues is a concern, you might want to check out a leather-lined kydex holster from Garrett Industries. Turnaround time from Garrett is about 3 weeks. Got my Raven several years ago so I don't know their current delivery time.

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I recently received a Raven Phantom holster for my Glock 19, I love it and it was worth the 3 weeksish long wait, order the quick-ship holsters if you can. I planned on making it my everyday carry holster instead of my Galco Kingtuk, but now New Mexico doesnt recognize my Florida ccw permit. I'll just use it for normal carry at the range and around the house till I can get my NM ccw permit. If you're considering a Raven, don't hesitate, I also got the pancake belt loops for more options when on my belt, and they pull it very close to the body.

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