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Hey guys!

I finally got my new Mini 14 Ranch rifle (wood stock, blue) down to the range for a good break in. I must say this is the funnest gun ever :-) (bad grammer intended) I have fired a few ARs, I never liked AKs, and that's about it in the semi-auto rifle. The Mini, in terms of just plain fun, blows them away.
(The AR is a lot more serious feeling, and a bit awkward in my hands. I think the AR is a better out of the box weapon; the mini is just more fun)

Now, the good. I setup at 50 yards, Iron sights, Remington UMC ammo. My first 5 shots from a standing, bring the rifle to shoulder, aim, fire in less than a second (I was firing just to put a few rounds through the barrel) about a 2.5" group centered about 1" low. I was impressed with my shooting ability, as well as how well the rifle was sighted in from the factory. The next 20 rounds remained pretty consistant.
Now the bad, the more I fired, the worse the accuracy became. By then end of the 100 rounds, I couldn't hit an 8" target regularly from a bench rest position.
The Ugly, the barrel became so hot, the stock was beginning to get uncomfortable at the end of the session.

All in all, as a plinking gun, it is a lot of fun. Not very accurate, especially as the barrel heats up, but just a great feel.

I will post reports as I perform any mods to improve the weapon. I would hate to have to get a heavier barrel, as the balance and weight are perfect.

Thanks for the report. I'll be looking forward to your updates. I've been thinking about one of these or a Socom 16.
I'm thinking the first thing I am going to do is cryo the barrel. That should help with the barrel heating issues, I hope :-)

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