Range report for the Sig P226 with 22LR Conversion Kit


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I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with it, free hand I could keep a 2" group at 25' (which for me is pretty good I guess). The dealer recommended I use CCI mini mags so I bought 400 rounds of those & I decided to try the Winchester SuperX (figured it had a higher velocity thought it would be ok) so I also bought 300 rounds of these. Well the CCI's worked flawlessly, chambered/fired 300 rounds no problems. The Winchesters on the other hand was a different story. I guess being on the range it wasn't such a big deal but out of 200 rounds I had 8 times in which the gun did not eject the spent casing after the 1st time I could actually hear the difference and new that I needed to manually eject. I'm pretty sure this was ammo failure & not gun failure because it never happened with the mini mags. I will say it was nice not having to spend a fortune on ammo for a nice day at the range. Hope this answers some questions and anyone thiniking of getting one, I would recommend it.

Thanks a lot for this report, SLowtruck, I've been toying with the idea of getting one of the conversion kits for my Sig, but wanted to hear from someone who'd used one first (Wanted someone else to be the guinea pig:sarcastic:) You've now led me a step closer to getting one for myself :biggrin:

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