Range Report: Beretta Cx-4 Carbine


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Click on the pictures for a better view....

OK, so I finally got to take my new little carbine to the range. I took off the red-dot so I could sight in the iron sights first....when TSHTF, I don't want to rely on a battery reliant piece of equipment. First group of three was a vertical line, 1" separation and 1" to the right. OK, I jerked a little...first time to shoot it, OK. Adjusted the windage for a 1" correction @ 20 yards. Next group.....1" OVERALL PATTERN AT DEAD CENTER (2 holes is .80" wide)!!!!!!! Sweet...shot a couple of magazines w/ iron sights....rapid fire, free standing, kneeling, supported. OK, I'm comfy. Now for the red dot.....

Find the reticle I like, adjust the brightness.....center the dot on the bullseye.......BANG. Holy crap, about 15" high and to the left. Cranked the adjustment screws WAAAYYYYYYY down. BANG....well, same effect, but about 9". It took about 6 shots just to get it somewhere where I could fine-tune things. Finally got it close enough, changed targets, and started trying to shoot out the numbers. You see the results. I noticed I was a little low and to the left, so I readjusted....Oh, and the shots between the body and the arms, those were intended. That's when I noticed the low-left pattern, so I shot at something I could see well.

Overall, I had 1 fail-to-feed out of 250 rounds. No problem, just jerk the slide lever back, rack another one in, BANG BANG BANG...This little guy is one sweet piece. I've never shot patterns like this before. VERY accurate, and light kick. It kind of reminds me of what I remember an M-16 feels like. For those of you that can only dream of a 4-figure gun budget (for an AR or something), this is a fantastic gun to consider for home defense or plinking.....Blast to shoot, easy to clean, and ACCURATE.

If you ever feel the need to give the Beretta away, I will send you my address. Congrats looks like a very reliable weapon.:D
I love my CX4. The day I got it I took it over to the indoor range to sight it in. I set the target back to 50 and started firing with the irons. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't even hitting the target!

I intentionally shot off to the side just to be sure bullets were coming out of the damn thing.

After bringing the target back I was pleasantly surprised. Every shot I had fired with the exception of the intentional misses were dead center in the black. I just couldn't see the holes in the black against the dark background.

I recently picked up an EOTech 552 for it. I'll be heading over to the range after work today to get that on target.

It's the most fun thing I have to shoot. I'm considering picking one up in .45 sometime in the near future to go with my 9mm.
I bought a CX4 9mm about 6 years ago at a cut rate price because the owner had dropped it and cracked the trigger guard=got it for $500- loved everything about it except the 9mm. Finally traded it because the crack in guard would not stay repaired. Now they bring premium dollars, and I would love to have it back. Cheapest one I've found is $850 new. Great weapon.

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