Range Day!! Wanna come with?


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Range Day!! Wanna come with? **UPDATE**

I may have arranged for us to go out to my buddy's house in Howey-In-The-Hills, FL. He has 15 acres we can shoot on all day long and we will be our own Range Officers!!!! What do ya think?

Just a thought but, why don't we organize a range day for a bunch of us FL guys? This is a bit of a social site and I think it's always good to get "like minded" people together. Well at least when they're on the 2A side.

Open for suggestions to locations/date.

Name: Travel too: Date:

1. Memphis - East Orange ( www.eastorangess.com ) Sunday Feb. 24 (??)
2.sdf2000 - E.O.
3.lukem -
4. ?????

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I'm IN

Count me in! I am south of Orlando so that hour from orlando would work for me! (If it is South of Orlando):confused:
I would be interested. This is only about 1 1/2 hours from Tampa it seems. I may be able to make it out that weekend but also may be picking up a friend's boat that weekend so I'll have to play it by ear.
That would be awsome Luke. Keep me posted.

RMcLeod21, bring that little Glock with ya and I'll give you a GREAT deal on a box of Hydra Shox AND a Kydex Paddle holster for you new weapon. :)
LOL! Memphis, I am all ready to go...I got my paddle holster already along with my range gear...just need the ammo and a couple buddies! Then the real fun will begin :D
I think the last Sunday of this month will be good. Every one cool with that?

Don't forget to look at my new post and see what I'm bringing!!! :)
I can hopefully make the 24th but don't wait on me to finalize. I am waiting to find out if I'm helping a friend pick up his fishing boat this weekend or not.
I'll have to post the website but, my friend's friend and 3 others just flew from Orlando to Myrtle Beach for $9!!! Not each, $9 for all 4 of them.

Also, I went to the range today (gotta break in the M&P) and the guy said they have been getting 4-8 deep on the weekends. Hope we have better luck because he wouldn't let me reserve anything so I'll just get there a little early.

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