Rally in Alabama


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I writing to see if I can get advice about my trip to Alabama, this week.
I am a GA resident with a valid carry permit. I am planning on attending a rally in Birmingham. It is organized by Glenn Beck and Mercury One.
The schedule and locations are listed on their web site (Link Removed) but they include public streets, the Legacy Arena at BJCC and as far as I know some museum and churches in the area.
I tried to read the Alabama laws but I am not sure if this kind of rally can be classified as a 'demonstration' as defined in the code (I think it is) and if I can carry while attending it (I think I cannot) and if places like the Legacy Arena, museum and Churches are actually off limits.
May I ask for your opinion? Also, any other advice for when I am in the state would be really appreciated.
If in doubt I may have decide not to carry at all but...

Thank in advance for you help.

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