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They lost me a long time ago due to services and not anti-gun policies. I used to shop there for electronic parts for projects I had. Last time I was in there I was looking for a PL-259 female connector. The "help" looked at me like I was an idiot and kept mumbling something about how they had great cell phone plans. I finally found what I needed by digging through the cabinets on my own. What a shame the greatest electronic store ever has degenerated to a cell phone shop. As far as anti-gun, I have never seen anything and even heard that Montana shops (as one member has posted) were giving firearm prizes away.


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I doubt running an add in a magazine is how I will determine where I spend my money. I'll base my decisions on what actually happens and what the policies are.

Absolutely! It has always irked me that the same people who scream so loud about their "rights" are willing to slander others based on little to no real proof of guilt. Worse are the "me toos" that line up behind them like sheep based on NO evidence than what was written on some forum. Sure, I would prefer that a company that I do business with does not support, even inadvertently, organizations that are not in my best interest. However, Radio Shack is an electronics company, not a PAC. They are going to advertise their product in publications that they think people read. The companies that I do not like are those that are not simply satisfied with producing a product, but think that they have to make some kind of a political statement, too. I will boycott a store that has a "no guns" sign on the door because they have decided to take a stand against by best interests right then and there, and in a way that affects me. A store that is there to sell me a product and does not care what I have under my vest (or in the case of a couple stores, even encourage me to carry) will get my business. I will also not be looking for excuses not to do business with them.


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So I gotta ask, if Beretta or Springfield Armory placed ads in Time Magazine would that be a bad thing?


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who would know??

well as i see it, if your carrying concealed, no one would know your armed anyways, so why the hassle, don't ask,don't tell and don't worry, even if a sign says no weapons allowed,that does not Normally apply to concealed carry unless it specifies, "including concealed carry permit holders" unless it's a government building,in which case, (each manager usually has his/her rights to post or not to post for concealed carry restrictions),this is why if you read the weapons restrictions at the entrance to any government building, you will see what restrictions apply, if any, for that particular building,,, usually all that will happen if someone finds you carrying in a private business is, they will ask you to leave the premises, at which time you must, or possibly be in legal trouble for trespassing, all business have a right to ask you to leave for what ever( any ) reason, but like i said , if your concealed carry is proper, no one will know your armed,so go about your business and don't worry about it! p.f.
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sorry!! my information seems to be wrong according to in another reply from me, he says, this info i supplied will get you in serious trouble, see (signs in kansas article) and read reply to my information,IT'S from ( MGTTRMN) so guess you all need to do your own research according to which state you live in, in the 3 states i hold permits in, this is how it works, but evidently other states have their own rules. thanx, sorry for any mis-information!! p.f.

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