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I'm planning on driving through Indiana with my Springfield 9mm 4.0 AND my Ruger .380 LCP, and I read here on USAcarry that you can ONLY travel through Indiana with a concealed gun in your vehicle if you possess a valid INDIANA concealed carry permit. Is this true? I have both an Illinois and Utah license. (I'm from Illinois, but want to move away from it ASAP!) Also, is there any limit as to the number of firearms I can carry in Indiana?


According to this site's reciprocity charts ... Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps - USA Carry ...

If you have an Illinois or Utah ~ resident or non-resident ~ permit/license, you can carry in Indiana,.

However, Indiana issues a License To Carry Handguns, (NOT A CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT!),and INDIANA DOES NOT SPECIFY concealed or open carry. So, with my Indiana license, I can conceal, or not...my choice...but, the State says that carrying 'openly' could be alarming to certain people, and urges that we keep the handguns concealed.

I know of no issue concerning the number of weapons that can legally be transported...

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Also, just as an FYI, I believe that you must honor any "NO GUNS" signs on any private properties, such as stores and the like, or risk being charged with criminal trespassing.... (no, I don't remember off hand where I saw that, but ... I wouldn't test the issue if it arises.

Hope that helps
You will want to keep it concealed because carrying the loaded firearm on public property within 1000 feet of a school without an Indiana license will violate Federal law.
Pretty much what Almost-Blameless said. I live in Indiana and got my license to carry about 4 months ago - Did all the research first... The license is a 'license to carry' and not a CCW. And Indiana is an open carry state, but they suggest you conceal so as not to alarm the non carriers and anti gunners. I've lived in Indianapolis for 20 years and can't recall ever seeing anyone besides police open carrying - so I guess most of us conceal as suggested. As far as number of guns - nothing is stated so I would assume 2 is fine. I currently carry a S&W 16+1 round SD9VE and am considering getting a pocket pistol since it's autumn and we'll soon be wearing jackets and coats. If I do get one, I'll carry it in my pocket and carry the larger pistol in my conceal pack.

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