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I recently applied for a lifetime license under the current in-state address that I live at for college. I got fingerprinted and paid the national fees. However, when I went to pay the local fees, the woman at the police department said that because my drivers license address (my parents house in Indiana) is not in the same county that I would have to get my license from the county listed on my drivers license.

So my question: is this true? And if so, do I just submit another application with the county listed on my drivers license?
Also, are you supposed to wait for a call or letter to pay local fees, or are you supposed to pay as soon as you've been fingerprinted?

Thanks much guys, and if anyone has any recommendations for gun stores, ranges, or safety classes around Lafayette, that would be much appreciated.

The local sheriff is where I went (1992?) ... I'm assuming it remains that you must get the local sheriff's OK... That same office is where I was finger-printed... I was given paperwork and copies of the prints and told to fill it all out and submit it to the State police in Indianapolis along with a postal money order ONLY and ... wah lah! a couple weeks later I got my permit..... it got laminated and resides to this day in my wallet.....

I THINK I had to pay a few bucks at the sheriff's office for the printing, and as stated again a postal money order to the state...

Gun stores.... yah try 4guns on Earl avenue....GREAT PRICES and you can take a look at www.fourguns.com...they have a great ordering system...

ALso for a gun store with range try Applied Ballistics just north of the Walmart on Veterans Memorial Hwy (just north of the railroad tracks from Wallmart, hang a left... they are also online at www.appliedballisticssystems.com and you caqn also order via their link to Davidson's guns..... I've used both stores and they each have good people and decent deals...

Good luck with your LTC
IC 35-47-2-3 Version a
Application for license to carry handgun; procedure
Note: This version of section effective until 7-1-2014. See also
following version of this section, effective 7-1-2014.
Sec. 3. (a) A person desiring a license to carry a handgun shall
(1) to the chief of police or corresponding law enforcement
officer of the municipality in which the applicant resides;

If you have a police Chief, start there... if you have only a Sheriff, start there, if you have a Marshal, start there....

The entire licensing process is described on page 4 of this PDF file....

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There will be a change this July. There is no longer any need to give a reason for seeking the license, as Indiana is, by State Constitution, a "shall issue" State.

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