Question regarding my LC9


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I agree which is why I had to have one too!



I have the same pistol and same holster and I love them both. I shoot my full sized Px4 Storm 9mm at the range and at steel matches (and it's my bedside defense gun). But the LC9 is on my person at all times. I shoot it at the range for practice and to remember the trigger/sights.


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Less mass (weight) means greater felt recoil. My LC9 is good for what it was made for...a concealable self-defense pistol with the capability to handle a fair sized cartridge at close "social distances". Whenever I go to the range I shoot it last to maintain muscle memory.

It depends why you are going to the range. Do you want to shoot 1" groups at 25 yards? Then you need a gun with more mass, a longer sight radius, and better sights. If you also go to work your carry gun, then the LC9 fits the bill perfectly.


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Is there any documentation on whether or not it is OK to us +P ammo in the LC9?

I remembered there something in the manual for mine about it. So, I went and pulled up the manual at Ruger's site ( and they mention it on pages 11 and 12. +P is useable (and I put a mag or two through it when I need to burn off my carry ammo) but not recommended as "a steady diet" because they say it will "shorten the endurance life". Mostly, I'll use +P for testing out different carry ammo, but will work it with standard pressure ammo for drills and practice. Oh, they do specifically mention +P+ as being outside it's designed safe range (pg 11 of the manual).

Now, one of the nasty tricks I've pulled was handing mine to my brother with a mag of 124gr +P JHP (Speer Gold Dots I think it was) without mentioning that's what the mag was loaded with. Serves him right for not paying attention to what I handed him. And the sad thing? The itty bitty LC9 still kicked about as much as his full-sized Sig SP2022 in .40s&w with standard FMJ. :fie:
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I love my LC9 and carry it as much as I can, minus sleep and work (when I sleep its on the night stand)..That being said I am not afraid to take it to the range and shoot until I feel comfortable with it again or to get a Familiarization fire done with it. I have other Pistols but the LC9 is always my go to carry gun. I guess in short take it to the range and shoot it as much as you need too.


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I have an LC9 that I've had for about 6 weeks. It's a great little gun and very concealable inside my vest and it doesn't print. I think the reasons for some people suggesting not to use it as a "range gun" are two fold. First of all it has a looong hard trigger pull. Secondly being a small gun the recoil could be an issue for some people. I have a Hogue slip-on grip on mine which makes the gun more comfortable and it dampens the recoil somewhat. As for the trigger pull, there is a company that makes replacement drop in trigger kits for the LC9. It supposedly reduces the length of the pull by half and lightens the trigger pull slightly. Heres a link for the trigger kit info. I'm gonna splurge and get one pretty soon.
Ruger SR9, Galloway Precision Asheville, NC LC9 performance parts There is one feature I don't like about the LC9 and that is that additional mag interlock safety device that doesn't allow you to pull the trigger when the magazine isn't inserted into the gun. Don't quote me on this but I "think" the trigger kit also addresses that problem. When you watch the video you can see the guy pulling the trigger on the gun when the mag well is empty.

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