question regarding legality...


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...of carrying in pisgah nat'l forest. the way i understand it is there's a difference between national parks and national forests. i have a sc cwp and spend a fair amount of time in pisgah near brevard, nc. is it legal for me to carry there if i'm not hunting? help would be appreciated.

I know it is legal to carry in a National forest. I am not sure however if you have to have a licence to carry in the state the forest is in first or not. Perhaps someone else can shed a little more light on the subject.
Although there might be state to state variations in National Forest law, I don't believe there is (DON'T hold me to that). In New Mexico we have lots of National Forest (public land) and that is one of the most popular places for hunting. You can only open-carry without a concealed weapons permit. Also there is occasionally wildlife protection periods where no "hunting" weapons are allowed, but I believe concealed weapons are probably ok. Call your National Forest headquarters for the correct info.

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