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What do you use for range bags? I have noticed that the prices on some of them are pretty steep. The reason I ask is I remembered today that I had a brand new cloth Black and Decker tool bag in my shop, I found the it will hold my gun in its case, hearing muffs, eye protection x2, my gun holster, several boxes of different caliber ammo, and a spray can of bore cleaner with pockets for other things, will zip shut and still doesn't need wheels to move it around. Really just wondered if anyone else used anything like this.

Sounds good to me. I just bought a small, $30 Three Peaks (or whatever brand it is) bag. It's not big but it fits what I need it to.
I have 2 voodoo tactical bags. They re great ans a super value at $45. I use one for hand guns and one for long guns.
I usually use a 5.11 duffle bag, I usually bring several kinds of Ear pro, several pairs of eye pro and my weapons, ammo and cleaning supplies. I also carry a small medical kit, just in case. Yours sounds pretty good to me though.
Thank you all for your response hadn't thought about a small first aid kit but after watching the video of the guy who shoot himself should have been a first thought. also glad to hear that you think the bag I have is Okay, being Black and Decker who would think it contained a gun.
In Yuma I just load everything in the back of the Jeep. Then back up to the covered shooting benches. They have an awesome free range out there, bring your own targets and pick up your mess.
I seem to grow into whatever I have. Started with a small vinyl bag I got when I taught diving. Bought the wife a "Winchester" range bag at Wal-Mart. Slightly bigger, much sturdier. Later, bought a Drago backpack. It's full now with two sets of muffs, one passive, one active, several packs of cheap ear plugs, binoculars, mag loader, Sharpie, stapler, box of staples, safety glasses, a small pack of 8" targets, gloves, a first aid kit in a MOLLE bag attached to the front, a dump bag for brass attached to one side with MOLLE straps, ammo and probably a small item or two I've forgotten. If the AR's go to the range that's a whole 'nother bag. The wife generously lets me carry her AR, too. Also a Drago with pouches for several 30 round mags.
I use a midway usa large range bag. It had multiple large pouches on the outside, interior pockets and a lift out bag that is great to use for ammo. It was pretty cheap.

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I use this one from Midway, and have for several years. It goes on sale every so often for around $40.

It's an excellent bag.

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