question on CCP in N.C.


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I am retired from law enforcement N.Y.C. not NYPD have a CCP from NYS and legal to carry in N.Y.C. permit stamped retired police officer
I also have a Non-resident CCP from PA. will I run into any problems with N.C. state or local law enforcement if I am carrying concealed?????

General NC info

Here's a link to the NC Firearms laws via the NC Dept. of Justice site.

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New York is NOT on the list of Reciprocity w/ NC.

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However, Since you stated you're a retired LEO, I would THINK you'd be OK. You might want to call the NC Attorney Generals office 1st just to be sure.

North Carolina Department of Justice
Roy Cooper, Attorney General
Phone (919) 716-6400

Pennsylvaniais is : I wonder if the non-resident CCP from Pa: will be honored in N.C.
I would say yes but thank you for the phone number # I will call on Tuesday morning after the holiday
2nd Suggestion


One other suggestion here: Depending on what Counties you plan to visit, I would also check with each of the Sheriff's offices. I live in Durham County and I we are the ONLY county in NC that requires "Registration of a Handgun". It's NOT a law, only a "Policy" of Sheriff Worth Hill's.

I have my CCP, Issued via Sheriff Hill and I despise having to try to get any info out of the dum dums he has working in that office.

Good luck to you sir.


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