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New member here with a question about the purchase of ammunition in NH. I have owned a home in NH for over 20 years and have had a NH non-resident CCW for many years. The non-resident fee used to be a lot lower so as a courtesy I continued to renew even though both my PA and KY resident permits are honored. Now that it is $100 I will likely not renew until I take up actual residency in NH.

I have been unable to purchase any ammunition in NH. My understanding is that ammo sales are governed by Federal law with same State laws that may limit sales of certain types of ammo etc. These refusals have not been limited to the Wal-Mart and similar chains but also some independent firearm dealers (Newport NH area).

Looking for info from any NH firearm dealer as to why the refusal. I would have thought the NH non-resident CCW allowing me to carry along with my other CCW’s and ID would qualify me to purchase .38 and 9mm ammo. Is there some law that I don’t know of, or are firearm dealers making up their own rules in excess of what the BATF and State requires.

Heck I couldn’t purchase a pellet pistol for my son to plink with at any retail stores a few years ago.


The State of New Hampshire doesn't care. I just bought some ammo yesterday, paid for it and left. No ID checks, CCW checks or anything like that. They aren't required here (unlike places like Mass). Of course, I'm plenty old enough to buy it (and look it). If you are a baby (or look it), then yes, they may request to check your age.
Thanks. I was in my mid 40's at the time. Was asked for ID so I showed him my PA license, PA CCW and NH CCW. He told me I was not allowed to purchase ammo unless I was a resident. I politely questioned that but didn't argue with them.

The pellet gun issue was in the Manchester area in the strip mall area near the airport. I just shook my head. I was in a suit because I had just arrived on a flight and was in the cockpit. Didn't look like a criminal. Too many businesses seem to make their own rules and there isn't much sense in arguing
Any store that refuses to sell ammo to an individual should be closed. There are now laws governing a box or two of your favorite ammo. I have seen in the past few weeks, many cars with Mass., Maine and Vermont at my local gun mart. They all buy ammo and they don't ask for ID. Now if you plan on buying a gun at the same time you will need the background check. They will only card minors or very young looking people, and of course any HOT chicks that walik through the door. lol. Just my $.02.

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