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I am new here as far as posting goes, but I have been doing quite a bit of reading in the last few months. I went through the CWP class for South Carolina today and though I may be "jumping the gun"(haha), wanted to get some opinions from people who are more experienced than I.

I am pretty confident that I passed the course. I have been shooting a number of years and the questions on the exam seemed to be common sense. The gun shop where I took the course also offers a four hour Utah CWP course for $125. I have read where there have been several recommendations on this forum for applying for a non-resident New Hampshire permit.

What would the advantage be of one over the other? Thanks in advance for any reply.


Use the Permit Reciprocity Map/multi permits at the top of the page under RESOURCES to see the states under both permits. Unless you do a lot of traveling the New Hampshire Non-Resident permit should be all you will need. Plus there is no class for the NH permit. Just fill out the application, copy your SC permit and send a check for $20.00. The local benefit is NH gives you the ability to carry in GA. Utah will only pick up about 3 more states.
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When I last looked at the application for a non-resident NH carry permit, there were a few requirements:
--applicants must supply a copy of a carry permit from either their home state, or from another state that issued them such a carry permit
--applicants must consent to a release of information regarding fitness to carry a firearm by their employer(s), chief of police, etc.

I have a problem with my local police department (here in NJ) knowing if I have applied for a carry permit in New Hampshire. Not that they could deny me, but quite frankly, I don't think it's any of their business, and they would keep a record of it in my "file." (For those who are unaware, all law-abiding gun owners have a file, which contain their personal references, employer information, firearms id approval, carry permits (if granted), and registration records of handguns).

I also have a problem with my employer being involved. My employer has been contacted by my police department in the past, and they would keep silent, delaying the process for my firearms id card from being approved, as well as subsequent pistol purchase permits. My employer's (unofficial) policy is to forward any such communications to the legal department, who simply takes the requests and throws them away. My personal supervisors have also in the past used this as leverage against me (though now they know not to, since I attempted litigation against them recently).

You can review the NH permit application here:

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As far as I know, a Utah permit requires the applicant to complete a course from an instructor approved by Utah State Police. I don't know of anyone that has that kind of certification.

I have a Florida permit. A Florida permit only requires proof of firearms training. It's more expensive, but easier to get.
Well, because New Hampshire does not require any training for its permit, the list of states that recognize it is not very big (maybe 20-something). Utah, on the other hand, requires training by Utah certified instructors, and its permit is honored by over thirty states, including most, if not all, the states that the NH is recognized in.
--applicants must consent to a release of information regarding fitness to carry a firearm by their employer(s), chief of police, etc.

That requirement is only for Vermont residents since they don't have permits. Vermont and Alaska allow their residents to exercise their 2A rights without having to pay for it.
would that be only for new permits? what about renewals?

Sorry, I don't know. I do know that the legislature was getting complaints from the suits that TOO MANY out of state folks were getting UT permits. UT is very carry-friendly, and I hope that attitude prevails. Could be adjustment in their very reasonable rates however.

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