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I saw think in another place....Breaking News | Latest News | Current News -

Sounds like you can't detain without repercussions even on your own property.
When did someone violating the law and an illegal alien have the rights to sue a property owner they have trespassed. Sounds like I'd be in fear for my life if I saw 20-30 people trespassing my land with who know what.
I know the coyote had to be armed!

I need to get your guys opinion on this, I always carry a pair of thumbcuffs, they are very tiny but so effective.
The reason I carry it, is for situations where I have friends with me and something happens, I could hold whoever at gun point while one of my friends could tie his thumbs together, during which me or someone else calls 911.

Is carrying thumbcuffs a good idea? It just seems that having more options in such a chaotic situation, like a potential self defense scenario would be a good idea.

WOW ballsy dude, I say more power to ya, where do I get some of those? I have actually never heard of them.:sarcastic::pleasantry:


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I disagree that detention is not your right ("citizens arrest" is a time-honored legal action). However, your job when carrying is not to arrest a perpetrator, it's to defend yourself and your loved ones.

If you pull your weapon, it should be with intent to use it. If you can avoid using it even after pulling your piece, so much the better. However, it is likely best to simply let the perp go, soiled pants and all, than detain him and wait for cops. They're likely to mistake who the aggressor was, anyway.


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The reason I asked the question in the first place, is because they are extremely small and handy to carry. Almost seem built to be used for this purpose, smaller than handcuffs yet more effective. I've tried them on, very scary, I panicked even when I had the key in my fingers, hard to get yourself out of it. You really take the use of your thumbs for granted, lol


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I have to agree with everyone else unless you are an LEO or in private Security and on Duty leave them at Home too much Liability, if I pull me weapon someone is going to kiss the ground hard or soil their pants and run . I won't Brandish my Firearm unless I intend to fire it!

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