Question about the Magic Bullet Laser

Jeff S

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Magic Bullet Laser. It allows you to dry fire with checking accuracy by seeing a laser dot with each shot. You can also purchase a replacement trigger for training so you don't have to rack the slide after each shot so as to simulate as close to real useage when practicing. I have a Glock 26 and instead of the 5.5 lb trigger pull, it has a 6 or 6.5 lb pull to help build the muscle memory and trigger control. Seems like a great way to work on practicing without always going to the range. has it available. Any thoughts?


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It will not account for anticipating recoil.

Also if your front sight will allow it... Balance a quarter across it and pull the trigger



HogDoc Olliday
Any laser will allow that same training aid, Crimson Trace, LaserLyte, etc. I love to train with a laser. I get instant feedback concerning my trigger press.


eHarmony Reject
Generally speaking, training aids, of any kind, are usually well thought out and if not entirely too expensive worth their investment. Some may benefit from such a training aid while others may not.

Nothing beats solid fundamentals, range time, dry fireing etc.

Like golf. If your not swinging the club you can't expect to play scratch golf.

Tell us how you like it. Pitfalls, if any and the pro's after you've used it for a while and can demonstrate any improvement as a direct result of this training aid.

Good luck !!
Stay safe !!

Jeff S

Ordered the Magic Bullet Laser Kit as well as the trigger reset kit today from Package deal for both plus 10% off, so around $300. Besides live fire at least monthly, this type of training can only help while being very economical. (In my basement, no ammo, etc.) Once I have been using it for some time I will report back.

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