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On the radio today I thought I heard someone say that Texas is going to re-enact an old law that would give them authority to get rid of the illegals, since our president doesn't seem to think it is that important. Did anyone else hear this or was I dreaming? I haven't seen or heard anything else about it so I'm not sure I heard it right.

Does Texas still have the Texas Rangers and if so why can't they turn them loose on the troublemakers at the border?

Yes we still have the rangers although I doubt there enough of them to patrol the border. They could do a better job than the federal government is doing though. As far as what was said on the program I do not know but if you get any more info let me know.
I have no doubt that the rangers could do a better job, even if there was just one. For that matter I would almost bet that if word got out that help was needed,,you would see more Texans than you can imagine headed for the border.

I haven't heard anything else about this and haven't been able to find anything but I will keep looking.

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