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I'm a new resident to Highland in NWI and I recently applied for my lifetime carry permit. I filled out the application for the permit, paid the state fee and I've also had my fingerprints taken and submitted electronically. The last step was to go to my local police department to make my local payment and show proof of my fingerprinting. I was told, after showing up on a Friday, that they only process applications on Wednesdays. Okay, that's a small hassle but I can deal with it. I show up today, Wednesday, to be told that they process applications, not only just on Wednesdays, but only from 9 until 11 in the morning. Two whole hours of the week at an awful time. The explanation I was given was that this is the only time when they have special personnel there to take photographs and give interviews.

I just took a new job here and being a working man doesn't really permit me to leave work on Wednesday for a few hours to take care of this. Not to mention, I don't really want to explain the reasoning to my boss. Am I required to complete my application at the police department of the city in which I reside? Or can I go somewhere else within the county? I don't understand their lack of availability to process these permits unless, of course, making it difficult is their intention. Also, I can understand a photo being required but why an interview? What does it even cover and do all other departments follow this process? I didn't see this mentioned anywhere on the websites or how-to's of either the ISP or the local department. Has anyone been through a similar process that could help shed some light for me?

Any help or advice is appreciated, thanks!

Getting a permit in Indianapolis was fairly easy. I think they may just tell you there's an 'interview' to scare you off if you have anything to worry about - when I went to the PD a little old lady took my picture, my money, and told me I should get my permit in a week or so. And I did. If you haven't already done so, I would call the PD, let them know you can't get there on Wed. and ask if you can go to another city or county. It's a state permit, so I would think you can, but good to check before wasting your time and learning you can't. I looked up Highland and it's a fairly small town - that may be why they only do Wed. 9 - 11. I generally call first to ask about stuff like that so I don't drive there to find out I have to come back. Good luck !

Since it's been a month since your OP, if you've already got your permit let us know how it went. Thanks!

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