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Is it ok to leave your magazine loaded are does this damage the spring? I’ve always had a revolver till recently
I bought a S&W 45 and don't want to break anything.
Thanks for your help

What I have been told by my smith is to do about a 30 day rotation on you loaded mags to keep the spring from taking a set and getting weak. He said 30 days was just an easy number to remember it is not a hard and fast rule. Now to qualify this i have been very bad about not doing this and have not had any issues to date.
This is an age old debate.
Studies have shown that it isn't the long term compression that wears down springs. It's the cumulative loading and unloading of a mag that wears out the spring over time.
Old wives' tale! Leaving mags loaded for long times won't hurt the springs. They are compression springs and are designed to be compressed. I've had mags that were loaded for years and never had any problems with them. In fact I have some AR, 30 cal carbine and 45 mags loaded for over 20 years and I wouldn't hesitate to use them.

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