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Let's say I am a passenger in a vehicle - not the driver. We come to a traffic check and the officer aske to see registration and license of DRIVER...not me. Am I required to inform the officer that I am concealed carrying even though I am not the driver? I've never seen this question posted and want to throw it out there.

No but check your state's laws. Most states that require notification are when a LEO asks for ID from you. Since he has only asked it from the driver then you do not have an obligation to reveal that you are carrying. IANAL nor do I play one on TV. YMMV
What FN1910 said. Most state laws that require you to inform LE state that you must do so if the officer ask for your ID. Unless they ask me for an ID I'll just set there and keep my mouth shut while they deal with the driver.
'Don't ask - don't tell' works for the Clinton's... :pleasantry:

That's a great question though. I'm curious to learn the correct legal answer there, just to compare & contrast with AZ CCW laws.
You need to read BOSTON T. PARTY'S: YOU AND THE POLICE. Unless you are the driver of the vehicle they have no legal authority to ask for your I.D. If asked for all the ID you have to give is your name unless you are being detained for questioning. If you are not asked do not tell and if asked for id only give name unless you are detained. But like was stated IANAL and i don't play one on TV but i will recommend Boston's Books as he deals with theses situations rather well.
From what I've read in the states I travel thru the most, if the cop is asking for ID then is a good time to give him the CCW, otherwise you have no obligation to 'advertise' you are carrying.

I wouldn't say a thing unless the cop is talking directly to me, why bother?

I also always thought that you are not required to have any form of identification on you (unless you are driving of course, and have your CCW card when carrying) isn't that a little big brother-ish? "Where's your papers?!" I've been stopped by cops while riding a bike or walking when I lived in Oregon, and I didn't have my wallet/ID on me then and they sorta gave me crap but couldn't arrest me for it, at least they didn't anyway.

I also am not a lawyer :to_pick_ones_nose:

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