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well,This is my first post on here. I would like to be able to get an permit For target, and home defense. What should i put in the box. I have read that you should word it a certain way on the application. Is this the case? Any help would be great.


If the weapon is left in the house except for going to the range. I would need to check the concealed carry box. I am just getting into this. But is concealed carry the same as a full carry? I'm a little confused

Dutchess County does not issue restricted permits. All permits are labeled "Full Carry." One of the few counties left in NY that is still "shall issue." You will either get a permit, or you won't. As long as you don't have any convictions, you explain any and all arrests, you background check is clean, and your references check out (if they even get contacted - mine were not but my wife's were) - you should be good to go. There is quite a wait though. It took six months for me, but that was before Obama got elected and everyone in the county rushed in to apply.
A little clarification - don't confuse a restricted permit (hunting and target only), with a premises permit. On your Dutchess app, you need to check the concealed carry box unless you want a premises only permit (usually for business owners).
From the last I heard, you need to contact the Sheriff's Office to pick up the application. You will then make an appointment to be fingerprinted. The total process will take anywhere from 3-6 months, but it could take longer.

You want a full carry permit. This is the same as concealed carry. Even if you do not intend to carry your firearm this is the type of permit you want.

A "restricted" permit is actually a concealed carry permit where the issuing judge placed administrative restrictions that prevent you from carrying your firearm for self defense.
Thanks for all the info, I picked up the app on friday. I am only interested in home defense and target. I did not know until now that dutchess does it different. Just have to get the references together, and make the appointment. I plan on taking the basic pistol course. Is there any other courses that dutchess will have me take? Thanks again for all the help!!

Keep in mind that any "restrictions" are administrative only. If you carry in conflict with a restriction you will most likely lose your permit BUT it has no legal consequenses. NY only issues 2 permits, 1 for NYC and 1 for everywhere else and they are full carry. Not included are the premise only permits.
I plan on taking the basic pistol course. Is there any other courses that dutchess will have me take? Thanks again for all the help!!


Dutchess County actually does not require a training class. I am offering a NRA Basic Pistol class coming up in the beginning of January if you are interested. Also, depending on where you are in Dutchess County, there is a good range right in Poughkeepsie.
I am definitely interested in the basic pistol safety course. I grew up shooting rifles and shotguns. But I am very new to handguns. I live in Pleasant Valley right next store to Poughkeepsie.
Got My appointment for fingerprints etc. from the Sheriff. I am scheduled for May 11th at 9am. Sightsontarget you were right about the 90 day wait for the interview. Im assuming the six months will start from that day?

Yea, unfortunately that seems to be the case in Dutchess County. Let us know how it goes, and if you have any questions along the way do not hesitate to ask.
Like you said in the class. it may be a long wait. But after that i should have an unrestricted permit. Kind of early in the process. But i am going to have to use a gift certificate before i get the permit. if you had to make a decision on a 9mm would you choose a springfield xd or a glock. or is there another 9 you like. The Springfield you brought too class was really nice.

They are both great firearms in my opinion. Here are my pros and cons:
Have been around for a very long time, and are time tested. Many police agency use glock pistols. You can find "aftermarket" parts for glocks very easily. For me, glocks tend to be a little bulky. It is harder to conceal a glock than an Springfield xd for me.

Has a grip safety, a external loaded chamber indicator, and a decent grip. There are also a lot of aftermarket parts for a xd. The XD's have not been around too long, but the new XDM seems to have worked out many of the "kinks" of the XD. Personally, I shoot better with the XD than with the Glock, and I enjoy carrying it and shooting it more.

Both are very reliable pistols, and I have yet to have either fail. Either pistol is a fine choice.
Hopefully for you it won't be as long as you think. I know of persons getting their permit in under 2 months from the date of submission. This is of course after waiting 4 -5 months to submit the application.

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