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I found out today that Puerto Rico is a "shall issue" territory (go figure!). It seems it has been for a handful of years (2005?) but, have not been able to confirm.

I would like to see the CCW Reciprocity Map webpage updated. Is it possible to also have the tiny P.R. map added as well? It would be even better if the map actually showed the territory, given the enhanced status. There's even a bit of room just under LA, MS & AL. :yes4:

P.R. has no reciprocity with any US territory.

If a non-resident is willing to jump all the considerable hoops, it is possible to obtain the equivalent of a CCW. The most likely non-resident candidate is Spanish speaking ex-resident that visits often; but it is not required by law. Article 2.01(A)(8) of the Puerto Rico Firearms Law indicates the requestor must be a "US citizen or a P.R. legal resident". That's it. There are a couple seemingly unsurmountable requirements but at least it is not a NYC, DC or an American Samoa.

Since I travel there often, I am considering obtaining a P.R. "CCW". If I decide to go for it, will post some updates to this thread.

Here are some links for reference:

English: http://www.leydearmas.com/docs/travelersguide-pr.pdf

Puerto Rico Firearms Law text, as amended in Dec 2, 2013 http://www.leydearmas.com/docs/ley404-armas.pdf
Forms: Link Removed
General Info: Ley de Armas.com

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