Public Shooting Locations In Nevada


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I have a pretty important suggestion for those whom visit the area east & near mile marker 103 and 95 [Located Just North of Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada], (Or Anywhere else you visit for that matter); police the area, whether its your mess or not, I went out this am; Sunday October 11th, 2009 and it was a disgrace! I spent two hours filling the back of my full-size truck with empty shotgun cases, ammo packaging, bullet riddled tv's, computers, appliances, and other non-biodegradable items clearly left by shooters...

I thought I was at the city dump...

This is the kind of ammo the Green Peace, Sierra Club and other so-called GREEN INITIATIVE supporters are using to barricade, fence and otherwise ban future access to these type of locations...

Clark County Shooting

That's the kind of thing that got Clark County to restrict target shooting in most of the county years ago. The garbage and the bullet holes in boats coming back from Lake Mead through Sunrise Pass.

Come on people, now is not the time to show the public that their perceived view of us as losers, rednecks, and criminals, might be true.
There always seems to be a handful of "bad apples" out there that ruin it for everybody else:mad: "Govern yourselves or be governed"!!

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