Protests bring down Iceland’s government


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I just read this and thought maybe we could do the same and run the Neo-con's out of office:dance3:

The government of Iceland became the first to be driven out of office in this recession by a wave of popular protest this week.

Weeks of demonstrations forced prime minister Geir Haarde and his cabinet to resign.

Some 10,000 people converged on parliament when it re-opened after the Christmas break.

Protesters pelted the prime minister’s car with eggs. They surrounded the vehicle and banged on it with cans.

Haarde was rescued by riot police, who used tear gas for the first time since 1949.

The demonstrations targeted Iceland’s parliament, government ministers and the country’s central bank.

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Wow. Revolution without the guns.

They must have pretty good throwing arms to get that done with eggs!:victory:
Our problems spam years over multi presidents and politicians. Don't get me wrong they are still no good but blaming today's problems on today's politician would not be fair. Now Jimmy Carter, there is a good place to start. :)

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