propose NM CCW statute changes


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AussieRogue - Are you refering to a non-US citizen, or to an out-of-state citizen? And off the top of my head, I don't have the answer to either question, but will try to find it. I'm assuming you are refering to a non- US citizen. One direct avenue for you to check out, is go to the NM Dept. of Public Safety, as they control CCW in the state. Link Removed is what I have used in the past, but am having a problem tonight. :frown:

Yes Mate I'm talking about a non US citizen I'll look at the link when I get home from work


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As far as I know, New Mexico only allows people to carry the largest caliber they qualify with, and anything smaller. In all the other states, if you pass the shooting portion of training, you can carry whatever you want, with some exceptions (ie., the largest caliber that can be legally carried in OK is a .45).
Not quite; CA, NV and NY(C) itemize what's on your permit. CA and NY(C) it's down to the serial number of the specific firearms. NV is make model and caliber of semi-auto plus any revolver. It is not inexpensive to renew your NV CFP if you have a large collection of semi-auto pistols you want on your NV CFP.


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Castle doctrine

I just finished re-qualifying for two more years. I had the opportunity to talk about the current laws with my
instructor yesterday during and after the class and range time.

I didn't think about the castle doctrine, or I would have asked him.

I don't think we in New Mexico are required to retreat before defending our own lives or the lives of others,
but I think it should be spelled out in the statues if it is not already in there.

Also, we need something like some other states have which prevents civil law suits against persons who have had to justifiably use deadly force in protection of human life.

I understand that much depends on the results of the coming election.

I wish all of us good luck. We, and our Country, are going to need it!

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