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New Mexico has made some welcome advances in the CCW statutes. Now we need to make apparent to our senators & representatives what we feel are necessary and reasonable changes to the existing statutes. The next legislative session where we can expect any changes, will be January of 2009, as 2008 is a 30 day session reserved for financial considerations only (with exceptions by the [where is he?] governor). I'm in contact with both my senator & representative, and they are "on our side", so to speak. I know that 2009 seems a long way off, but the internal wrangling, legal staff research, and the writing and re-writing of proposed legislation is very time consuming. Floating ideas to be put together into solid, reasonable and useful proposals can begin as soon as one wishes. I'm looking for the input of other CCW'ers, to see what ideas float to the top. I might suggest that each person interested in their state government operation, make an effort to personally contact their senator and representative, to learn where they stand on the issues important to you. If their concerns are opposed to yours, you will need to try and educate them, if possible - remember, they are supposed to be representing you in the state government - hold them to it!

I do agree!

For some good ideas to present to the politicians it is a good idea to look at the way other states handle this issue. I really like the way Wyoming has thier concealed carry system. The class and qualification is once every five years. If you are military, or law enforcement, you are automatically qualifed and no test or qualification.:)
Changes to CCW law

One of the first things that need to be changed in the NM CCW law is the
restriction to only one weapon at a time. That restriction must be eliminated.
It serves no useful purpose.
NM CCW law needs to include sign requirements like Texas on two points.

1) In Texas they have sign requirements (Size, font, color, etc) and if this requirement is not met then the sign carry’s no legal weight. If this was the case then we CCW'ers would be able to carry a LOT more places. The current law (Which was changed not to long back) removed the sign requirement. With the law as it currently stands all the owner has to do is put ANY sign up and you can be trespassing and charged.

2) In Texas they have the requirement if 51% or more of the store revenue is from alcohol then you are not allowed to carry. I believe this is a very fair compromise. Not being able to carry into a restaurant just because they sell alcohol is not right. There is no reason why we should not be able to carry in a restaurant. Anyone else agree?

New Mexico is actually a pretty gun friendly state I just cant figure out why they are so against CCW.

Edit: There should also be a timeline which DPS HAS TO issue the CCW by. Right now they can take as long as they want. In Utah I believe it is they HAVE TO issue it in a reasonable "X" ammount of days. Nothing like NM's at least 90 but could be a year.

And to echo another comment, there is no reason we should have to pay the extra money to re-qual every two years it is like they are trying to make money off us or make it harder for us. :mad:
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CCW changes

Thanks for the input. I hope to get a few, concise, reasonable & desirable changes in NM CCW organized for a state-wide effort right after the January legislative session is completed. The more-than-one-gun carry seems a no brainer, but I do not know what the opposition is to it, what to counter. The two-year refresher course is done only in NM, as far as I know. Worth a try to eliminate. The restricted CCW where alcohol is sold and consumed is an all too common problem for some other states, also (think Arizona, for one). Washington state has a "no CCW where under 21 not allowed", which is a fair way to allow CCW in restaurants (not bars). Colorado is way better, no restriction at all (another good reason to run up to Durango!). Trouble is, that just plain will not get out of the first hearing (DOA). One I need to pursue in-state, is the electronic data base required (24/7) if NM licenses are to be honored in Nevada. Not a biggie, but one more item to learn about. The few most pressing, and most reasonable to pass muster, are the ones to work on and push for. The legislature is overwhelmed by "stuff", has only 60 days to wade through it all, so we cannot expect too many items that we desire, to get a fair hearing. Keep the ideas coming.:)
CCW changes

Gee - all four of us? I sure hope there will be some more interest in this subject next year. I must have popped the question prematurely, everyone thinking January 2009 just might be too far off. The 2008 session will be out of our hair by 1 February, 2008 (that is only about 46 days away) - THEN maybe we can start our "wish list" for the following legislative session. In your daily (I hope) carrying as you go about your business, give some thought to what irks you the most about current CCW in NM, and what would be the best answer to your problem. We will need some dedication, contact with our representatives, and some significant numbers of interested parties to make some noise.:rolleyes:
I'm in...

I think you guys have some stellar ideas. I feel that in order to gather the support needed, the "word" really needs to get out. Not just for the few of us on this site. Maybe an email of concerns that can be passed around to as many NM shooting buddies we can get. I would write this letter, but I have little experience with laws or guns (although I'm happy to edit). I've also noticed that New Mexico's House of Representatives and Senate website has an adequate search feature for everyone to learn who they need to contact,

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BTW: What is Richardson's stance on guns anyways? He is running for presidente, and it would be nice to evaluate his Second Amendment status.

Hope this helps the cause, Viva la CCW revolucion!
Commander_Cob - Welcome aboard! As stated, the more people that we have involved, the better we will be heard. As to El Presidente Richardson, I do not have a clean, clear answer, but he did sign the original CCW law, and the improvements passed in the 2007 legislature. That does indicate a positive for 2A. Posting a live link to the state legislature is a cool move, as all of the CCW folks need to become familiar with the process, the people, and where to find it all. I am in contact with my state senator, state representative (both strongly on our side), and my training instructors. The instructors and I (and others?) will be having a "sift through the ideas meeting" right after the first of the year. I've been told by them, that more of a mass contact of CCW'ers can be worked up, but just how, I don't know yet. I feel that one of the most important things we can do, is to get as many of us in contact with each other as possible. I don't want to project that whatever we want changed is possible to do, but those that are possible and reasonable need to be pursued with all that we have. If we approach the 2009 Legislature with clear, reasonable and strongly backed bills, we at least have a chance.
propose NM CHL statute changes

As a by-product of the gasoline price crisis, the NM mass transportation ridership is up and becoming very popular. I recommend that NM Concealed Carry be allowed on city busses and the New Mexico Rail-Runner train.
As a by-product of the gasoline price crisis, the NM mass transportation ridership is up and becoming very popular. I recommend that NM Concealed Carry be allowed on city busses and the New Mexico Rail-Runner train.

Are we not allowed to carry in these places? If there is ever a place I do want to carry it is on public transportation in ABQ. I have not carried there, nor I have visited the Rail Runner, but I would sure like the option.
I don't understand why the BATF will not accept the NM CCW instead of a background check when purchasing guns as they do in several other states. They seem to be implying that something is wrong
with our CCW regulations. Anybody know what it is?

As to a wish list for revised CCW legislation, you have mentioned the top three. Only one gun at a time,
not carrying in restaurants, and re-qualifying after two years are all provisions in the law that need to be eliminated.
CCW changes

Chili Man - Good thinking! I am not in an area where mass transit is important (we do have a mickey mouse local transit that is very useful, but hardly MASS transit). That is a problem both for local mass transit (bus and train), and a national problem as well (you cannot board a train nor bus with even cased weapons). Going to be a really hard sell, but every change is hard to get started, or it wouldn't be a problem to begin with. The time is racing by - only 6 more months to the 2009 Legislative session, so please - get in contact with your local Senator and Representative, and let them know that you are watching them, and expect some action for your needs. Getting Bills before committees is a long and complicated process, and a few clear and simple Bills beats a bunch of conflicting Bills to be sifted through and discarded. Having our representatives work together is one of the most useful ways to get real action.
It would be nice to see them widen their reciprocity. Although currently in Georgia I'm originally from New Mexico and still visit family there. Since they don't accept Georgia or Florida non-resident it makes travel a little more difficult.
back on line

Sorry - I have been off line for some time. The time is whizzing by, with a legislative convening in about 3 1/2 months. I will get an update from my senator about the current status of proposed bills about NM CCW changes. The common carrier restrictions on bus/train CCW carry is an interesting problem, and not likely to be addressed this year, but worthy of asking about. I'll get back soon with more updated info, as I receive it.
As far as I know, New Mexico only allows people to carry the largest caliber they qualify with, and anything smaller. In all the other states, if you pass the shooting portion of training, you can carry whatever you want, with some exceptions (ie., the largest caliber that can be legally carried in OK is a .45).

Also, although the law was recently changed to allow concealed carry in establishments that sell alcohol for off premises consumption, open carry in those places is still illegal. That needs to be changed. And, so too does the prohibition on carrying more than one concealed gun at a time.
Partly correct on qualifying calibers - added restriction is semi-auto vs revolver vs Derringer type - depends on both class of weapon, as well as the upper caliber limit qualified with (qualify with a semi-auto .45, and I believe you are good to go with anything). As to the Open Carry in alcohol sales for OFF premises consumption, I still haven't figured that one out - probably the "intimidation" factor, or ??? I have submitted a list to my senator to get a handle on what is being discussed or prepared for the up coming legislative session, suggestions such as yours (tattedupboy), and where in the "possible list" those suggestions may ly. I will post whatever info I receive that is pertinent and useful, as it comes in. We all need to have an open dialogue with our elected reps., if they are willing to listen. The more we talk, being polite and well informed, the better they know where their voters stand, and how much their actions in the legislature are being watched. What we cannot accomplish this session, has to wait until 2011!
The lastest news that I have about NM CCW statute potential legislative changes/additions is "wait and see" how the up coming elections turn out. The players for the 2009 session are not known yet, and the makeup of the committees will be different from the past - all leading to too many unknowns for right now. More as we get beyond the election and into the pre-session scramble.
AussieRogue - Are you refering to a non-US citizen, or to an out-of-state citizen? And off the top of my head, I don't have the answer to either question, but will try to find it. I'm assuming you are refering to a non- US citizen. One direct avenue for you to check out, is go to the NM Dept. of Public Safety, as they control CCW in the state. Link Removed is what I have used in the past, but am having a problem tonight. :frown:

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