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Just attended a project safe neighborhood class in Minot. Very good class. It was put on by the Minot PD, with help from the Minot pistol and gun club. They went over some of the local laws, safety, different types of weapons. It was a good basic class that will help overcome any fears or questions that you may have. After the classroom portion of the day we were able to use the indoor range and shoot some different firearms, which were kindly provided by the club and its members. The representatives there gave classes on how to properly handle their firearms, including tips on how to improve your aim/grip and overall familiarity.

Most importantly it was all FREE. And they even provided lunch too.

So if you ever get the chance you should check it out. And for those of you outside the area, it may be a good idea to try and get your town/city to do something similar.

That sounds like a very worthwhile and enjoyable get together. Thanks for the report.

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