Product Review On The Busnell Trophy 1 x 32 AR Optic


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If you have an AR plat form rifle and want to get a nice short range/close quarters scope but don't want to spend the ACOG price the Bushnell Trophy 1 x 32 T-RET is the way to go.

Right out of the box the quality of the construction grabbed my attention. The body is metal, you have the standard Bushnell Optics with the "Amber-Bright High Contrast" lens coating, and the body is fog, water, & shock proof. Plus it has the nice ACOG style look to it.

The reticle is the "T-Reticle" and you can change it from red for day time use to green for nighttime/low light use. Either color's intensities can be changed brighter or dimmer to suit the current lighting situation you will encounter. It even came with an extra battery.

I actually bought this scope for myself. Normally I buy the best I can find but something told me to try the Bushnell and I am glad I did. It works excellent for short range/close quarters situations and have been very happy with it so far. It was made to mount a standard AR platform rail (even though the box does not list ANYWHERE that it is made to mount an AR type rifle) and mounted it on my Smith & Wesson M&P 5.56 x 45. We had it sighted in and hitting bowling pins @ 100 yards, free standing, with in 15 minutes.

The sighting adjustment has not budged after 800 or so rounds and we even banged it around quite a bit to mimic hitting door jams, etc and it's still right on the money.

You can find the Bushnell Trophy 1 x 32 T-Reticle at most Sporting Goods/Hunting Supply stores and expect to pay $175.00-$200.00, I have seen them on-line as cheap as $129.99 (Model #: 73-0132P)

As I mentioned before, the one thing I did find odd is that no where on the box does it suggest its use is for any type of assault rifle. It's box lists it specifically for hand guns and shot guns, but you can tell it was obviously designed for the AR platform and it mimics the Trijicon ACOG a lot, I literally had it mounted on my AR in 3 minutes.

Even though it really is constructed very well, don't expect it to be the quality of an ACOG. Even though I didn't see a horrible difference, others who tested it at the NFTA said it doesn't have as much magnification as the ACOG and the optics aren't quite as clear. Also, I am sure its not built as brick house tough like the Trijicon because of their military purposes. Keep in mind you are going to be saving anywhere from $800.00-$1500.00 depending on which ACOG you would purchase.

For the money you can't beat it, don't let the low price scare you, it's an excellent sight and having owned Bushnell's products in the past, I have always been extremely satisfied.


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Is this a 100% free parallax optic ??

Why not go with a fixed 3x or 4x on a knock off ACOG ??

I'm all for good products at low costs, just never used a Bushnell anything. I think I'd rather have a BDC reticle than a T, for hold offs at distance.

Just some thoughts.


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I know it really gets your attention when looking at optics many cost a lot more then the rifle they are being bought to be installed on.
My ACOG T11F really took a hit on my savings, but it's a super quality clear bright optic. Same go's for my AIMPOINT M4 and EOTECH 553.

I am not trying to degrade buying less costly optics, many can do a very good job without unneeded costs. Since getting into AKs from my ARs I have found some very good Russian optics to use, many can be used also on ARs with very high quality and much lower costs.

Welcome to Kalinka Optics Warehouse! and East Wave Products Inc.

I am using the PSOP 4-24 on my AKs they won't work on ARs but many others found on both sites will.

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