Problem with Vista -- I need HELP!! Please.

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I have 4 computers running here on a small LAN;

XP Media
XP Home
XP Pro

The EDIT box works fine with all the XP machines. NOT with Vista and Firefox 3.0.3

Anyone else have this problem? How did you fix it? What setting did you change in Vista?

Using IE7 on Vista OR Firefox3.0.3 on the machines with XP on them looks like this:

Link Removed

Firefox running on Vista looks like this:

Link Removed

It was fine, and then changed for some reason. !@&^%#&$&*#*&&# Vista. I HATE that excuse for an Operating System. And setting up Share on the LAN? How do I do that with Vista. Vista only wants to let me share a PUBLIC folder?? I want to be able to wander around on the Desktop from a different machine. @#!$%^@^&*&%$% Vista.

How do I fix Vista so it runs Firefox correctly? HELP!


Thanks ronwill.

None of those links have anything to do with the problem.

But, have gone to other website forums and it appears (so far) the problem is with

Firefox and Vista work fine in the other forums and editors like this one.

I've got a support question in on Mozilla and will see what kind of an answer I get.

But, thanks for replying.
here is a Little trick to try, go the the exe file or folder for your fire fox, right mouse click on it, go to properties, N click the compatibility tab X the run under box, n drag it down to XP n tell it to run under a XP configuration, VISTA is fully downward compatible n can run your old programs
VISTA is a very smooth ruining program but you have to know the tricks, n me I like IE7 and have had no issues with it once i figured out the syntax if this does not work then something has become corrupt in your firefox, spy-ware or virus?? N it should network all the other machines unless you have your firewalls set up not to allow this.
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I'm at a computer at the other end of the house right now, and will do that when I go back to the office at the other end. Why then does it work on other forums? Ahhh, there is the question. Why only USACARRY all of the sudden has a problem with its editor.

No, I can go to all the other computers from the Vista one and go into all those areas/drives I have set up to share.

BUT!! When I go to network places on one of the XP machines, the only place I can go on the Vista machine is a "Public" folder. I have went to the drives and set them to share but no go. No problem setting a drive or directory to share in XP but I sure am not doing something correct in Vista because it gives me a:
Link Removed

I AM the administrator on all my computers, no other users on them. Vista sure makes things hard. Been playing with computers over 25 years and have never ran into anything like Vista for problems. CP/M or ZCPR-3 were nowhere near as hard to make do what I wanted done.

Any pointers on how to set share so it DOES share on Vista? Something besides a "Public" folder?

What do I set so that it NEVER tells me Access IS Denied? No matter what I am doing.

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Ditto you have enabled the blocking on one of the systems... now figure out which one, quick dirty way start unplugging them one at a time until you find the culprit.
Ditto you have enabled the blocking on one of the systems... now figure out which one, quick dirty way start unplugging them one at a time until you find the culprit.

Okay, it is this way:

I am on the Vista machine with ONE XP machine hooked up to the LAN with the Vista machine as the only other machine on the LAN.

2 machines only. All the rest unplugged.

From the Vista machine I can look at the XP Pro machine. I have the desktop and C:\ and a couple other places set to share on the XP Pro machine. I can click on any of them and open them FROM the Vista machine.

Then I put my hands on the XP Pro keyboard and can see I have the C:\ drive on the Vista machine set to share and a couple other places and a subdirectory called PUBLIC, which is a Public folder on the Vista machine.

I click any thing but the Public directory and it gives me that error.

I look at the properties on the Public directory and set the other (like the C:\) to the SAME settings as the Public directory... NOPE, STILL that error.

Plug in the XP Home machine. Both the XP machines can talk to each other, go to all the shared drives on each other, etc. NO PROBLEMS. Try to go to ANYTHING on the Vista machine except the Public directory and GET THE ERROR.

Unplug the XP PRO machine and just leave the XP Home machine and Vista machine plugged in. NOPE. Try to go anywhere but the Public folder on the Vista Machine and ERROR.

I would REALLY like some screen shots on how to make C:\ shared in Vista. Pictures ARE worth a thousand words sometimes.

I don't know how to make things public in Vista I guess. Really frustrating.

Anyway, thanks for the ideas. I've been using LANs for so many years and now Vista comes along and it's like I've only owned a computer for a couple days or something.

Ditto you have enabled the blocking on one of the systems... now figure out which one, quick dirty way start unplugging them one at a time until you find the culprit.


No blocking, it was Vista. Finally got SHARE working on Vista Desktop, went to the other machines and it was accessible when I clicked on it. I could always access all the SHARED areas on the other computers from the Vista one. Now to document how I did that and set up some more points on the Vista machine. (and for the next Vista machine I buy, really can't get one with XP Pro on it unless I assemble one. I just may do that)

Thank you for the help, it jarred loose a couple of marbles in this stupid head of mine so I could figure it out.

Yes sir, was starting to feel dumber than a stump.

Hummm, wonder what city people grew up saying? Feeling dumber than a fire hydrant? LOL

Thanks again Sheldon.

0100, time to head for the sack.
after reading your previous post I realized it was a "make this folder accessible to other systems" thing but glad you found it.
Yes, I will grumble, but will work on Vista a little at a time until I figure out how to do things in it that were/are so much easier to do in XP.

Thanks again, Sheldon.

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