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Capo, this is your territory, (unless Other's can chime in please).
This is for MA.
Widow sell's husbands revolver to my Stepfather. What, if any, transaction occured I do not know yet (I just found out tonight). Now He has it and wants to sell it. My questions is.......doesn't He and the Other party (buyer) both have to have license's to make the transaction; if not, then they have to do it through a FFL dealer correct?
On a side note.....I MAY end up purchasing it from him (if I can talk him out of selling it to someone!)and I'm from NH.
Sorry I did not do a search. My Mother called me awhile ago, told me about it and needed info kind of in a hurry. Wanted to know how much it was worth. That's when I told Her I think Both parties need to be licensed to make this kind of transaction.
Either way, educate me please.
dick (aka sambo)
arrrghhh, dread going to Woburn tomorrow.............

Hey Sam,

The laws here are very confusing however I believe both parties need to be licensed and need to fill out the form. If it is going from MA to NH I believe a FFL needs to be involved. It couldn't hurt to stop into your local FFL and ask. Might be worth the trip to make sure you are in compliance with the confusing laws in PRMA. How has everything been? Just out of curiosity, what are they selling?

Let me know if you want me to do some research

It's a S&W 44 Mag w/ Wooden Grip and Holster. I believe it has the 8.75" barrel but I'm not sure. If he doesn't sell it to the other person, I'll ask him if I can buy it. I'll probably go by my Mothers after work today and check it out.
I'll let him know about the transfer/s of a firearm. At the same time I'll check my FFL dealer here I go to in good ol NH.
Nothing much going on over here at work. Pretty steady which is a good thing and the OT. Take it while it's available! Not much on the shooting range at home. Like I said before my buddy has had work, so he's working with his machine. My neighbor bought a TAURUS 22LR the other day and I let him practice with it out back. Busy at home doing the projects before the winter. Still need to take my plow off the "yard truck" and put it on my Fathers. This weekend I MAY say screw it and spend an hour or so with my Son and shoot for awhile. We can still put up targets in the mean time. Other than by day.
Hope all is well with You.
It is not against the law for person to sell to another person within their state. No paper work required. It's perfectly legal UNLESS there is some local or state law against it and in the Peoples Republic of Mass., that is very possible.
Well, that was my question.
I checked it out today on my way home. NICE! Definately a Clint gun. He now says he May keep it. I did throw him a figure though. I got no answer, just a smile.
Thnx for All the replies though.

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