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So here is something that crosses my mind when I see someone printing. Doesn't happen all the time but in the past two months I have seen 3-4 people printing. Personally, it doesn't bother me; however I worry about the antis. Here in PRMA, this can be a big problem for people. My question is, if you guys saw someone printing, would you quietly tell them or just let them be? This morning on my commute to work, a guy on the subway was printing, probably the worst I have ever seen. His revolver was definitely much larger than something I would carry (once I am able to). I didn't get a chance to say anything to him because the subway was crowded and I didn't want to cause a scene and leave this guy to a terrible day. Do you guys see people printing often? Only curious. What would you guys do?


What if the person printing is not a conceal permit person, but a wanted fugitive?? Might you set something in motion by starting the conversation?? Just a thought..
What if the person printing is not a conceal permit person, but a wanted fugitive?? Might you set something in motion by starting the conversation?? Just a thought..

That was a thought in the back of my mind believe it or not. I didn't say anything to the guy this morning because there was too many people. I guess that is the gamble you take if you descide to speak up.
Most of the time in Florida the nearest LEO will tell him anyway since open carry is not legal even for permit holders and LEO like to view printing as a form of open carry. Kind of like if you can tell what it is, it is not concealed (like putting bunny ears on your dog ... is it now a bunny?).
Leave him be and keep an extra eye on him and anybody he has interaction with.

Two word summation: situational awareness
I leave them alone. The main reason is since we carry we tend to be more aware of our surrounding especially when around groups of people we don't know, like the subway. We also know other people could be carrying and know what that lump under a shirt is. Most non gun people, which would be the ones to have a fit, seem to be in there own little world most of the time. Even if they saw something printing it being a gun would be the last thing in there heads.

Like was said before you have no idea if that person is an under cover cop (not doing a very good job), off duty cop, gang banger, Fugitive, fellow CCW holder, ect. So I'm just going to keep an eye on him and let him do his thing. At that point he's not a threat and I don't want to turn him into one.
If the said person/s are Printing, I would not say anything to them. They are supposed too be resposible when carrying. That includes picking out Their clothes. Especially in MA., which is a Concealed state. If you're Printing, then you are a "wacker" as the infamous MA. State Police would call You. Someone who thinks they are cool carrying a gun; likes to show it off; likes to let Other people know they are carrying, etc. I know this because I already inquired about it with a couple of MA. Troopers (who, by the way are Dinks...but that's another story). If you are carrying concealed, then that means NO PRINTING too. Otherwise, even though You are actually carrying concealed you May get a MA. officer pointing his/her weapon directly at you. You better have a quick excuse other than the tight shirt you're wearing was the only clean laundry you had that morning to wear.
Note: The above scenario was towards carrying concealed in MA..
Again, to answer the question, NO I would not let the idiot person know they chose improper clothing for the day. They do not deserve to be carrying a weapon period!
I have decided I won't say anything when I see this. Like many have said, it’s their responsibility. Very good points about whether the person is legal or not, which has crossed my mind. This guy yesterday morning was very clearly carrying a revolver; you could see it through his tight white shirt. If he is a permit holder, very bad idea on the shirt. Not sure how it caught my eye, but it did.
Like KimberPB said, leave them alone; keep an eye on them; as long as there is no threat......

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